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Never Ending Closet

*I would like to preface this post by stating that I am not being paid to write this. This is completely genuine and my utmost personal opinion.

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My look for the Gwynnie Bee set!

A couple weeks ago, I was approached by a clothing company that I knew very little about. I had seen commercials and pop-ups for Gwynnie Bee, even gone so far as to click on their website, but I didn't really understand what it was. Regardless, they wanted me to shoot for them as a model and I was booked for the job. As soon as the booking was set, I was asked what size I was. This is not an odd question. Obviously, they need to know my size if they're going to put clothes on me. However, I am always a bit trepidatious when responding to these questions. What sees like a simple request is actually a make or break in plus size modeling. I lost a $15,000 job about a month ago because my size was wrong. It sucks because you are never the "right" size in this industry, and sometimes that costs you a pretty penny. So, I sent my sizes over, followed by a message saying that I have padding I could bring to set if they wanted me to look "more full." Every plus model has padding. It is required when you sign with an agent. Some of us use it a lot. Some, not at all. It just depends on the client. Now, my feelings on padding are completely negative because I think it sends the wrong message to full-figured women. Not to mention, it's hot and uncomfortable. I am working on another blog to address all of that, though. My contact at Gwynnie Bee quickly replied that padding would not be necessary. "We are inclusive of all sizes!" Gasp. I have literally never heard this from a client before. There is always a preference. They are always trying to market to one woman or another. Never have I been told that I could just be whatever size I am and that would be fine with them! This obviously piqued my attention.

I went to the set in New York City (you've probably already seen pics if you follow me on social media) and was greeted with gluten-free, vegan banana bread. That was a very kind gesture. I am not gluten-free (I eat like, a loaf of bread every day), but I am definitely vegan and it was really good! Everyone on set was super laid back and friendly. My hair and makeup artist was amazing and the day was totally drama-free. So, the company is all-inclusive AND everyone who works here is cool? Okay. I'll bite. I began talking to my contact who booked me for the shoot. She was telling me about the "fashion through the years" documentary that they had just shot.

We discussed fast-fashion vs. eco-concious fashion and what that looks like in America today. A lot of focus is on fast-fashion. This term can probably be blamed on social media. You have to wear something new and different every time you snap a photo of yourself. Followers don't want to see you wear the same thing every day, but most people can't afford new clothing every day. So, they turn to fast, cheap fashion like Forever 21 or Walmart.

You can get a top for $3 and it doesn't matter if it falls apart in the wash because you don't ever need to wear it again! However, the consequences of this trend are dire. In 3rd world countries, men, women, and children are forced to slave over the garments in extremely dangerous conditions. They don't get breaks to eat or use the restroom, and they are paid pennies for laboring away all day. Several buildings where these sweat shops are held have recently collapsed, with the workers inside.

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A collapsed sweatshop in Bangladesh

Thousands and thousands of innocent people have died, all because we want fast-fashion, and we want it cheap. It makes you think twice about hitting those places for an easy fashion fix.

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So, the best part (in my opinion) about Gwynnie Bee is that you get your never-ending wardrobe fix, and no one has to die for your outfit.

How it works:

First, you have to sign up. Click my link to get your first 30 days free! So, free 30 day trial...

You will want to download the app on your phone because it's way more convenient and easier to use. As I previously mentioned, the company is size-inclusive. So, you can sign up if you're a size 2 or a size 20! Now, you start shopping. As soon as you pick 5 pieces, they will ship out to you (you get 2 pieces in each shipment), but don't stop there! You have absolutely no limits on how many pieces you get each month. I have 40 pieces in my bag right now.

Once you tire of the garment, whether it be after 1 wear or 100, you just throw it in a shipping bag (provided) and the mail man will take it back while another piece is sent to you. The clothing is dry-cleaned and shipped out to someone else who will love it. It's one garment, being recycled over and over until it doesn't meet standards anymore. And when it no longer meets Gwynnie Bee's high standard of clothing for customers, they donate it to people in need!

Obviously, the more I learned about the company, the more in love I became. It's a company with heart. Plus, I hate doing laundry! If I get this thing down, I'll never have to do laundry again! That is worth the $65/month membership fee alone. If you are even considering it at this point, sign up for the free 30 day trial. What do you have to lose?

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