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My 2018 Gift Guide - All Under $50

1. Air Fryer $49.99

Give the gift of flavor this year without sacrificing anyone's health! Air fryers are changing the face of what we consider "junk food." Instead of submerging food into a vat of hot grease, it uses little to no oil to achieve the crispiness and texture of a traditional fryer. There are many models available on the market with different sizes, pre-sets, colors, etc. I picked this model because it's a good medium size, has great reviews, and it's cost-effective!

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2. Hair Band Bracelet $9.95

This is one of the most practical gifts I've ever seen. I hate seeing myself with a thick black hairband around my wrist in every photograph, but if you have long hair, it can't be avoided... until now! These stainless steel bracelets have a groove for your hair band to fit in and look like an accessory when they're on your wrist. And the best part? They also keep your hand band from digging into your wrist and leaving ugly indentations.

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Use code Google10 to get 10% off!

3. CBD Gummies $23.95+

The holidays are extremely stressful and CBD is truly the perfect gift. Cannabanoid can be a scary word if you aren't familiar with it. Cannabanoid, or "CBD" is derived from hemp plants, but it doesn't make you feel "high" like marijuana or THC. CBD is completely legal in every state and it has spectacularly positive effects on your body and mind. It's a pain killer, helps with anxiety, stress, seizures, and even fights cancer! CBD could be a good gift for your best friend, your grandma, even your dad... But not everyone is going to be willing to trust a hemp-based product which is why gummies are the perfect gift! They're non-threatening, tasty, and easy to control the dosage (sometimes the droppers can get away from me).

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Be sure to look for CBD gummies labeled as vegan or ones that don't contain gelatin

4. Ginger & June Candles $21.00

Ginger & June is an all natural, soy, vegan candle company (as well as a slew of other products like perfume, face highlighter, etc.) with awesome, personalized sayings. The scents are all incredible and they're unisex! You can make them as personal (for a significant other) or impersonal and funny (for a secret santa party) as you want! Burn time is 50+ hours.

5. Probably Whisky Mug $14.99

Mornings are rough and any gift that makes them suck a little less is worth every penny! I bought this mug for a guy friend who is very hard to shop for and I don't think I've ever seen his face light up so bright! I also got one for myself that I like to carry around the restaurant. I probably shouldn't, but I have a sick sense of humor and I love to watch people try to figure out if I'm being serious. Maybe I should get a hobby...

6. Vegan Truffles by Mama Ganache $13.99

The holidays bring out the sweet tooth in all of us, but most of the homemade treats and party plates are not friendly to people on a plant-based diet. Order a couple boxes of these vegan truffles with inspiring flavors like Passionfruit Caramel, Earl Grey, or Aztec Spice. Keep them on hand in case you need a quick vegan-friendly option for co-workers or friend's spouses. They're also a great gift for non-vegans! The majority of vegan sales in restaurants are surprisingly to people who are omnivores (they eat meat, dairy, and plants). People love to try new things!

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7. Glenfiddich Fire & Cane $49.99

This is the hottest new addition to the whisky world! Glenfiddich experimented by maturing their world-renowned scotch whisky in a bourbon barrel, and then finishing it in Latin rum casks for a smokey, toffee flavor that has a chocolate finish. It just came out and any scotch lover will be dying to add it to their collection. Plus, it's a super affordable price for how unique it is!

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8. Dog Pajamas $25.00

The holidays can be really depressing for people who don't have kids or families. Family makes the holiday feel more magical (depending on the family), but your friends who don't have little ones or family members should still get the joy of the season's traditions. One of my favorite traditions is wearing silly matching pajamas with my family. Bring your friends on board by buying them matching pajamas for them and their dog! Let's be honest, nothing is more adorable than a dog wearing clothes. The only thing that could possibly make this experience more enjoyable is if you get to match the little fur muffin! No one can feel depressed when their dog is wearing matching pajamas. It's a scientific fact.

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9. Tattoo $18+

Well, temporary tattoos. Ink Box offers a wide variety of long-lasting temporary tattoos that are perfect to express your love, your friendship, someone's favorite book, quote, etc. The ink is plant-based and there's no need for needles! It's a super simple, painless process. You can even design your own with someone! It's a really unique, fun gift!

10. Whiskey River Soap $8.95

Whiskey River has a soap (or candle!) for EVERYONE! They are the perfect gift for the person who has everything. There are soaps that my mother-in-law would find hysterical and soaps that would make my best friend laugh so hard, she'd cry. The only thing is, you DO NOT want to accidentally give the wrong one to the wrong person! Label them clearly! Then sit back and bask in the glory of how awesomely intelligent and funny you are this Christmas.

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Use Code FREESOAP To Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!

11. Exotic Spices $4.95+

When my husband and I travel, we seek out rare herbs and spices to bring back to our restaurant, but when we run out of those, we can't exactly hop on a plane to grab some more from the other side of the world. We use Woodland Foods to source our favorites, and even a few new flavors because they're so cool! Like butterfly pea flowers to make blue tea... You can't find this stuff at the local supermarket. Check out their website to spoil your favorite cook with incredible options!

12. Zodiac Makeup Kit $19.99

Wet N Wild has developed four lines of zodiac inspired makeup kits for the holidays and they make beautiful gifts for less than $20! Wet N Wild is also a vegan and cruelty-free company, unlike many of those more expensive brands. So, save money and animals lives by sticking with these beautiful boxes for the makeup lover in your life!

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