I am a plus size model. Do I really need to give you a description on why I have a whole section devoted to food?!


                   I also own and operate a beautiful restaurant just outside of Nashville in Springfield, TN (come see me!) called Copper Vault. I am a vegan (I went vegan in July 2017) so I will only post vegan recipes, but my "specialty" so to speak is making vegan junk food. I joked that I would write a cookbook entitled, "How to go Vegan & Stay Fat" when I first made the transition because I eat french fries and Oreos almost every day...  So, even if you are a carnivore, please make these recipes anyways because they are incredibly delicious!

About Me

          My name is Whitney Lee Thompson Forrester. You may recognize me as the cycle 10 winner of America's Next Top Model (the plus-size winner), but I am also a restaurant owner, travel enthusiast, vegan, animal lover, & fashion fiend...

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