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Fall/Winter Trends at Maree Pour Toi

There is nothing like shopping in the Big Apple!

I flew into New York City this morning and felt that familiar clutch in my chest. This city has a hold on me, even when it's cold and rainy. It's like a long lost lover whom I try to forget but time and time again, I feel that pang in my heart and I know that it still has a hold on me. It's fashion week in NYC and that always holds a special place in my memories. I went straight from the airport to the Maree Pour Toi pop-up shop downtown! My uber tinkered down slick, brick streets, passing throngs of umbrellas and hoods, darting across sidewalks, eagerly approaching this season's hottest designs. I stepped inside the pop-up shop and was warmly welcomed by several friendly faces. I have followed Maree Pour Toi on Instagram, but never seen the clothes in person. They are a newer company and are looking to launch their online store in just a couple of weeks. First, I met with the designer and she went over the details with me. For the past decade, people have ben focused on "fast fashion." No one was aware back then that cheap, fast clothing (like Forever 21) was having such a horrible impact on our planet and the people making the clothes. I won't get into it right now, but if you aren't aware, please go to Netflix right now and watch "The True Cost" to better educate yourself. Trust me.

Anyways, what caught my attention was the quality of the clothes. These clothes are not "fast fashion." No, these are staple pieces. They use 100% real silk. They use the highest possible quality, even when it comes to stretchy materials. The quality is key. Now, quality is not cheap, but I actually think that if you consider the quality of the clothing, the cost is very affordable. Any one of the pieces I tried on today, I am confident that I could still have them in my closet, in great condition, 10 years from now. That being said, let me show you my favorite pieces from the collection!

I am seeing a lot of thick stripes and polka dots this season and I have to tell you that I am a big fan! I've have my eye on a black and white striped blouse for a while, but I was afraid that I might look like Beetlejuice once I put it on. Today, I paired it with a solid black pencil skirt and tied the silk blouse at the waist. I loved the look! I wish I had brought some red lipstick (and black heels) because that would have made the look perfect, but I was only playing dress-up and perusing the collection today. I could wear this blouse with black slacks too, but I would probably pull my hair back because I can look a little like Hagrid at times and Hagrid hair + a bold stripe is hard to pull off. I actually took this shirt home because I love it so much. Again, this is real silk and the fit is incredible. My ladies out there with big tatas know how impossible it is to find a blouse that fits correctly in the chest. This was the perfect fit.

I do not do this outfit justice.

While we're on the subject of stripes... I didn't do these pants justice but they are so funky-fun! Stripes can be scary, right? Curvy girls are taught to avoid them at all costs because they might make us look bigger (insert eye roll). First of all, wear whatever the hell you want and don't listen to anyone, and secondly, vertical stripes can have the opposite effect and actually make you look taller and leaner! I paired mine with this chartreuse satin tank because the colors gave me a 70's vibe. On a side note, is anyone else so excited that satin tank tops are back in style? Last time they were in style, I was in middle school and I couldn't really fill them out and get to fully enjoy wearing , basically pajamas in public. the downside is that it's hard to wear a supportive bra with a strappy tank. Anyways, I saw many curvy girls rock the heck out of these pants today. They're also adding "tall" as an option for the pants.

Are you feeling Chanel vibes? I have never been able to pull off a tweed coat. They make me look boxy. I've always just assumed that they were designed for flat chested women... and they probably were. However, I really loved this tweed jacket. The material is nice and thick, but it's cut for properly and is super flattering. I paired it with a white silk blouse that I am kind of sad I didn't take home. You can't see it, but the cuff of the sleeve is actually stretchy and easy to push up for a billowy effect. I LOVE it. A few of the blouses feature this design and I think it's completely brilliant. Of course, I paired it with my go-to pencil skirt because you can never go wrong with a solid pencil skirt and bold top!

Sweater Weather!

Guys, I never get to wear sweaters. I practically live in the restaurant that I own and restaurants are not cold. At least, the kitchens are not. I threw this sweater on as soon as I walked in and I love it. Again, I am afraid of stripes, especially horizontal ones. However, these clothes were all carefully designed with curvy women in mind and they are super flattering. I love this sweater so much. It has just a hint of sparkle and it's almost Gryffindor colors. Clearly, I have Harry Potter on my mind tonight. The cut is perfect with plenty of room in the arms. The seams are clean and tight, not like the cheap sweaters that fall apart after one wash. Again, staple pieces.

I want to see your pics in stripes and bold prints this winter! Let's break some rules together this season and look freaking fabulous while doing it!

I'll make sure I post the online store when it's available! For now, be sure to follow @Maree_Pour_Toi on Instagram!

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