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I'd Like A Cappuccino, No Foam

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

** Disclaimer - All posts from "restaurant" are written by anonymous 3rd parties. I am simply giving them a space to breathe. As a restaurant owner, I find it to be extremely cathartic! If you have a story that you'd like to share, please email WhitneyLeeThompson@gmail.com

"I was working at a mom & pop diner, and this lady came in at 7:00am. She had obviously not been to sleep the night before, and was well-known in the neighborhood as a cocaine addict. I was the only waitress, so I had all 8 4-tops and 3 2-tops.

When she sat down, I took her order, and she said, “I want a cappuccino with no foam.” 🤔 That’s a latte- easy to whip up, so I ran some food for another table, then made her a “Cappuccino with no foam.” She looked at it and narrowed her eyes. “That’s a latte,” she said. “Well, a latte is just a cappuccino with no foam,” I replied politely. “Make me another one,” she demanded. I took another table’s order, then set about making another latte. I went through all the steps of making a cappuccino, but strained the milk out of the foam, and poured it into one of our nice glass coffee mugs. I ran plates for 2 more tables, then returned with her “Cappuccino with no foam.” She freaked out on me- Cursing and yelling and smacking the table. So I looked at her, looked at the mug, and then threw it against the wall next to her head where it exploded into a thousand little glass pieces. The whole restaurant went silent. I took off my apron, threw it on the floor, walked out, and never worked in a restaurant again."

L. U. - Chicago

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