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Going Out With A Bang!

** Disclaimer - All posts from "restaurant" are written by anonymous 3rd parties. I am simply giving them a space to breathe. As a restaurant owner, I find it to be extremely cathartic! If you have a story that you'd like to share, please email WhitneyLeeThompson@gmail.com

"I had worked at a sit-down chain restaurant for over a year. It was fucking miserable. The customers were rude, the management was horrendous and took their shortcomings out on the staff. The food wasn't even good! I took no pride in this job. I was just there to get a paycheck until I could finance what I really wanted to do, which was music. So, finally, I get accepted for this new job as a musician, paying way more money. I gave my two weeks notice and worked every shift that they required until my last day. My wife comes to see me, and smuggled a trumpet, a frying pan, and a wooden spoon into the restaurant. When my shift ended, I loudly announced, “I QUIT!” Then I marched around the entire restaurant (through the kitchens and everything), playing the Notre Dame fight song on my trumpet while my wife followed close behind, banging the frying pan in rhythm. It was fucking glorious!"

M. - Alabama

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