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It's only the first trimester of my very vegan pregnancy and while some scents are off-putting, pretty much all (vegan) food is on the table. Thankfully, I don't have any morning sickness at all, but if I even think about eating asian noodles or soup, I gag. This is mostly strange because before we went to Asia about a month ago, I was eating spicy Asian soup for breakfast every day.

I, much like a cow, graze all day. Every 2-3 hours I eat something. Sometimes it's hummus, olives, and pita, sometimes it's Oreos and dark chocolate. I just eat what my body wants. They say that eating every 2-3 hours helps combat morning sickness, but the more I research morning sickness, the more I realize that there is practically zero scientific explanation for why some women have it and some women don't.

I have had a couple people tell me that if you don't experience morning sickness, it means that your hormones are low and you're more likely to miscarry. Those people can eat shit and die. Not having morning sickness does not mean that you're more likely to miscarry. My mother never had morning sickness. My husband's mother never had morning sickness. One third of the population doesn't experience morning sickness. If you don't have morning sickness, it doesn't mean anything. If you do have morning sickness, it doesn't mean anything. Sorry ladies, but until we have a voice in where medical research dollars go, no one is researching pregnancies and how to make them easier!

-Every morning, I start my day with peanut butter toast or avocado toast. I use Dave's Killer bread because one slice has 12 grams of protein and God knows everyone is worried about where vegans get their protein from. Mostly, I go for crunchy peanut butter on my toast because my body is living for peanut butter right now! I also have an apple or banana. The healthy toast is the start of my day. If I start with something healthy, I feel like at least I got one thing correct! You have to listen to your body, even if it's telling you to dip pickles in vegan mayonnaise, which I've done and do not regret.

-I eat an unhealthy amount of Sour Skittles. Yes, Sour Skittles are vegan and I crave them all day and night. Everything sour is amazing right now.

-Anything cold is what I want. I love vegan ice cream (specifically So Delicious Mint Chocolate Chip), popsicles, smoothies, sorbet... You name it! I want all of the sweet cold things in my mouth.

-Suddenly, all fruit tastes like candy from God. My body wants all forms of sugar. I had an apple last night and it tasted just like a cinnamon candy apple! Why can't healthy food always taste this good?!

-Potatoes. I'm not sure I can blame pregnancy for this one. I have always loved potatoes, but now more than ever, I could eat a potato with a little vegan butter and black Hawaiian sea salt for every single meal. In addition, salty chips, salty popcorn, salty fries, salt on everything is amazing!

-Pasta. I hate pasta! Literally, it's my least favorite food, but now, noodles with a sweet red tomato sauce is my dream! I've been buying bird's eye vegetable pasta. It's gluten free (I am not gluten free) and made with 100% vegetables, but you would never know. It has 8 grams of protein per serving. I just throw it in the microwave and it's done! Sauced and everything! My freezer is literally full of frozen vegetable pasta right now.

-Impossible Burgers. I have never been a big burger person. I eat a lot of them because they're fast and easy to make and in the restaurant industry, that's all that matters when it comes to feeding yourself, but I would never choose a burger, until now. I don't know if it's this specific burger, or if it's the first burger I had after conception, but my husband made a "Good Burger" special and it is the best burger I've ever eaten. He made some special sauce (this is the vegan mayonnaise based sauce that I dip pickles in), added Violife cheese, the Impossible patty (which we smoke at our restaurant) topped with pickles, lettuce, onion, & tomato. It's to die for, and it has 19 grams of protein!

What cravings did you/are you having? Anything crazy??

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