Perfect Pregnancy

Why are we so quick to judge other expectant Moms? My pregnancy may look very different than yours, but that does not make either of them better or worse. I promise that whatever you are doing, it is the right way. You and I are different people, with different babies, on different paths, all leading to the same result. It doesn't matter how you get there. Do not beat yourself up trying to fit into someone else's idea of a perfect pregnancy. There are a million super fit, glo

A View

Instead of knocking other people down for their choices, let's try to celebrate our differences. I have some controversial opinions that I have formed since becoming pregnant. They are just my opinions. You probably won't agree with them... And that's okay! 1. I don't want to have a vaginal birth. There! I said it. I know that I CAN have a vaginal birth, but the more research I do, the less interested I am. I know what you're thinking. "A vaginal birth is better for the baby!

Uncharted Waters

On April 1st, yes, April Fool's Day, my husband and I decided to take a pregnancy test. I had been feeling extremely emotional, crampy, fatigued...Pretty much all normal PMS symptoms, but I had been feeling that way for over two weeks. As soon as the test was even started, there was a plus sign in the window. Still, I waited 3 minutes and checked again. Still positive. I read that morning tests are the most accurate and decided to test again the following day... Still pregnan

The Devil Within

Mmmm Maybe I should say, the devil you want inside of you... This is my coveted, top secret, best selling recipe for "Devils on Horseback" (Vegan recipe also included). If you are not familiar with Devils, they are more of a flavor concept than a recipe. It can be a date, or a fig, or something kind of sticky and sweet, stuffed with blue cheese, or goat cheese, or any stank cheese, wrapped in meat like bacon, prosciutto, or whatever. There aren't really rules, but the product

Restaurant Review - JaJaJa NYC

Hey, y'all! It's fashion week and that means that I'm in NYC. This is my first long-stay trip to New York as a vegan and I am super excited to eat as much vegan food as possible! My first stop was "JaJaJa" (pronounced Ha-Ha-Ha), a vegan Mexican restaurant downtown. I happened to be two blocks away at a casting and when I searched nearby vegan options, it popped up. Everyone loves Mexican food and since the Nashville airport offered nothing vegan this morning, I was pretty st

What It Feels Like

I was able to catch up with the dazzling model, Katya Zharkova in South Beach. Katya moved to America because she saw me win America’s Next Top Model. It’s crazy because I think of my past work with reality tv as something to sweep under the rug, but then I remember the fan mail I received from mothers who's daughters were battling eating disorders, girls who wore a bathing suit to the beach for the first time because of me, and then there’s Katya, who left her country, moved

New York, New York

It calls to me like a scorned lover. Every time I see it's silhouette, my heart stretches with a deep longing, and pangs with a sense of weakness. The city is a companion to the lonely, a lover to the loveless. It is oxygen and blood, grit and glue. It sticks to the marrow and seeps into the dark places where you hide from yourself. It knows your deepest desires, ones that you've hidden even from yourself. The city twists and tantalizes, constantly evolving to rise up and mee

Let's Talk About Weddings

The Royal Wedding has everyone buzzing and I can't help but think about my own nuptials in 2013. They were perfect! As I mull over the details in my mind, I realize that, while everyone's wedding experience is so unique, it is also very similar. Whether you've been married for 25 years, or are planning the main event now, everyone can take something away from our wedding experience in Scotland. The Ring This is where it begins right? I mean, yes the love part and all of that

Dubai On A Layover

If you want to skip the whole story, the moral is that you should definitely leave the airport!!! The last time I booked a flight to South Africa, I had the option to fly to Heathrow with a short layover, or Dubai with a 9 hour layover. I had never had much interest in visiting Dubai. Don't get me wrong, Dubai is an absolutely insane city, but it is a mirage. It is a city in the sand, that really began developing when oil was found there in the 60's but took off in the year 2

The Keto Diet

If you're looking for this season's hottest diet, you've found it. We took the Adkins plan that was so popular fifteen years ago, gave it a cool new name and a "I want to speak to your manager" haircut and shoved this bad boy back on the market for your enjoyment. This thing is more popular than the Royal Wedding, y'all! Okay, let's talk seriously about the ketogenic diet. Everyone is doing it. Almost all of my friends are on it. I just watched "The Magic Pill" (misleading ti

Cape Town

People always ask , "What's the best place you've traveled to?" and there are two that always come to mind. One is Istanbul, & the other is Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is breathtakingly beautiful. It is right on the southern tip of Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean, and if you take a short drive to the other side of that tip, you can also dip your toes in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by penguins (yes, real fucking penguins live on the beach here). The food is insane (I was

Why I Hate My Apple Watch

When I began looking into getting an Apple watch, it seemed like an endless list of positive benefits. I own a restaurant, so I am always on my feet, walking around. I don't have the time to stop and check my phone, least of all to sit down and actually read emails on my computer! I am a woman, so I wear a lot of clothing that doesn't have pockets, (On a side note, designers really need to put pockets in women's clothing. Being forced to carry a purse is bullshit.) which mean

Feel Beautiful From The Inside Out!

Beauty comes from the inside out and no, I'm not talking about personality (though, if you're an ass hole, no amount of makeup is going to make you attractive.) What you put in your body has an impact on the outside of your body. Your body is a temple, not a dumpster. So, if you're eating fast food, processed meat, smoking cigarettes, drinking soda, eating dairy, getting drunk every night, you might as well stop reading now because you clearly do not care about your appearanc

Travel Hacks To Live By

I have flown an exorbitant amount in my life and along the way I've picked up some pretty useful travel hacks. ​ Food Did you know that you can bring your own food from home on a plane? That's right! You can bring snacks through security (yes, you will have to send them through the scanner), on your flight, and even to your destination. You want to bring your boyfriend a slice of New York pizza? You go right ahead and do it. You want to take your girlfriends a box of Magnolia

How To Order Vegan At Any Mexican Restaurant

Being vegan makes going out to eat a tricky, sometimes even traumatic experience. There are many restaurants that are completely vegan and those restaurants are easy to order from with very little (if any) anxiety involved. Then, there are restaurants that have vegan options as well as carnivorous options (like my restaurant, and those are usually a good fit, depending on the server. If you ask the server if the restaurant has a designated fryer and they l

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

When I started this blog, I made the decision that I would have to be completely honest. I'm sure you've seen famous people plugging brands for years and never even thought about it, but they are lying. L'Oreal paid Beyonce to tell you that it's her favorite hair care line. Pantene pays Gisele to tell you she's using their products. Do you think either of these women has ever used the companies that they're promoting? Even during my stint with Covergirl, when I did commercial

Fashion That Gives Back & Doesn't Suck

Roma Boots - Romania I first met the owners of this company at a fashion market in Dallas, Texas. At that time, Roma was a new company and was just getting the ball rolling. I had a pair of boots and absolutely loved them! Think, Hunters but they actually help needy children all over the world. ROMA was founded in 2010 by Samuel Bistrian, who wanted to combine his love of fashion and philanthropy to help children in his home country of Romania. When he told me his story, I w

A Vegan In Paris!

France is the land of champagne, croissants, wine, cheese, couture, macarons, eclairs, and so much more! Paris is the city of light. It is the fashion capital of the world. I challenge you not to fall in love with Paris. I have been to Paris before, but never with a significant other. This trip was also my first time being a vegan in Paris. Veganism has certainly caught on all over the world, but French cuisine heavily relies on butter and cream, even in vegetable dishes, so

Victoria's Secret is Killing the American Girl

I am scrolling through Facebook, as one does when they're avoiding doing actual work, and I come across this advertisement. My first thought as my eyes land on this emaciated girl is that it must be advertising some obscure Russian (no offense, Russia, but you do have very skinny models) swim line. My heart initially drops, feeling sorry for the girl pictured, probably just starting her modeling career, hoping to one day make it to the... holy shit! My eyes hit the logo. PINK