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Vegan Crab Rangoons

I have been craving crab rangoons something fierce this week! With Cinco de Mayo just around the corn... no, that makes no sense. Don't judge me. Sometimes, you just need greasy asian food in your life. Howvere, being a vegan means that I have not been able to find anything remotely close to crab ran goons that fall under my dietary restrictions. So, I was forced to make my own. Now, these are a total hack job recipe. think, Sandra Lee's almost homemade (Is that the name of the show?). Essentially, nothing is made from scratch, but you are adding the final touches and we deserve credit for that!

You will need:

-Gardein Crabless Cakes

-Tofutti Cream Cheese (you can substitute any vegan cream cheese, but it is going to be fried so don't waste you money on Kite Hill quality)

-Wonton Wrappers (not eggroll wrappers, which will contain egg)

-Corn Starch

-Mae Ploy (AKA Sweet Thai Chili Sauce)

-Hot Oil (Vegetable, Grapeseed, or Peanut are best here)

First, mix 1 teaspoon corn starch with a cup of water. This is your "glue for the wontons. Go ahead and defrost your crab less cakes until you can easily slice through them. They can still be a little frozen. Slice each crab cake into 6 pieces. This is just to make wrapping them easy. Set out your wonton wrappers (these will dry our quickly and once they dry, you can't use them, so do not pull these out until you're ready to use them.

Set one wrapper out and add 3-4 slices of the crab less mix in the middle with a dollop of vegan cream cheese. Next, stir your corn starch/water mixture with your finger and moisten the sides of the wonton wrapper with it.

Pinch two opposing corners together. Bring the other two corners to the middle and use your fingers to seal all sides. Make sure all sids are sealed or the wonton will burst when dropped into hot oil.

Carefully, drop your wonton into the hot oil (a small deep fryer is preferable, but you can pan fry these too) unit it is golden brown. Serve with sweet thai chili sauce and fresh chives or cilantro for garnish! Or, do what I did and serve with veggie spring rolls and cauliflower fried rice!

If your make this, please send me pics and let me know your thoughts!!!

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