Sorry, but that’s what I think of any time I hear "Gibraltar." So, what/where is Gibraltar? Gibraltar is a giant rock & it's also, a British Territory, shaped like a peninsula on the coast of Spain. I know what your thinking... "Why would you travel thousands of miles to go see a rock? We have plenty of rocks in America!" and while you are correct, this rock is astounding. It literally took my breath away when we first saw it, and that was at night. The juxtaposition of this

Battle Bloating This Holiday Season!

Everyone puts on a few pounds over the holidays. This is not just because we are attending more parties, but it’s evolutionary. When it gets cold, our bodies know that they need to store some fat and calories to protect us and keep us warm. It’s also why so many people begin to couple off at this time. Your body knows that your chances of survival are greater if you have someone to snuggle up to. So, keep your confidence up and take advantage of any lingering looks you’d like

Water Fasting

"Water fasting" has taken the world by storm! Customers at my restaurant in the small southern town of Springfield, Tennessee are talking about it and that has my attention. When I first heard about water fasting, I started asking questions, but everyone just told me how great it is for your body! Upon further research, I found that a water fast involves a human consuming nothing but water for an indeterminate amount of time. Some fast for 5 days, others for 30 days. My first

Feel Beautiful From The Inside Out!

Beauty comes from the inside out and no, I'm not talking about personality (though, if you're an ass hole, no amount of makeup is going to make you attractive.) What you put in your body has an impact on the outside of your body. Your body is a temple, not a dumpster. So, if you're eating fast food, processed meat, smoking cigarettes, drinking soda, eating dairy, getting drunk every night, you might as well stop reading now because you clearly do not care about your appearanc

Travel Hacks To Live By

I have flown an exorbitant amount in my life and along the way I've picked up some pretty useful travel hacks. ​ Food Did you know that you can bring your own food from home on a plane? That's right! You can bring snacks through security (yes, you will have to send them through the scanner), on your flight, and even to your destination. You want to bring your boyfriend a slice of New York pizza? You go right ahead and do it. You want to take your girlfriends a box of Magnolia